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Our Story

What We Believe

We believe food is beautiful and we aim to express this beauty in everything we do at the Merchant’s Garden. Below is the core of how we express this.

Mission Statement

Make fresh food accessible and affordable to everyone using the science of aquaponics and hydroponics.


Create revolutionary and sustainable ways to feed the world with local produce.

How we built this!



We want to feed the world.  We believe that healthy food is not a luxury but a human right and that every single person should have access to healthy food. 


We believe that service and care for our employees is paramount to the success we achieve as a business.  


We are a business.  We are a great business and not just socially and environmentally.  We are dedicated to serving our shareholders and exceeding their expectations.  We are committed to being diligent stewards of money just as we are stewards of the environment and society.