AgroThrive™ Fruiting & Flowering Fertilizer, 3-3-5



AgroThrive Fruiting & Flowering Fertilizer is designed to nurture vegetables, fruit and flower-bearing plants. This premium organic formulation will not only feed your plants the nutrients they crave, it will enhance soil microbial activity by activating indigenous micro-flora in the soil. This healthy soil activity will create a smooth release for and improved availability of the nutrients. You will see faster growth and higher yields of vibrant and flavorful crops in no time. OMRI , CDFA, USDA and WSDA listed/certified organic Derived from fish inedibles, grain and sulfate of potash Helps nutrient release: 70% fast release, 30% slow release Easy to mix and use liquid concentrate Multiple application methods: as a soil drench, foliar feeding, in hydroponics, and in other fertilizing systems AgroThrive Fruiting & Flowering Fertilizer is made from repurposed organic material that would otherwise add to landfill waste. Every year, using its 100% solar-powered facility, AgroThrive diverts over 2,000,000 pounds of food waste from landfills. That amount can prevent the potential production of over 10,000,000 cubic feet of methane gas.


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