AgroThrive™ General Purpose Fertilizer, 3-3-2



Now there’s need to worry about which product will best suit your plants – AgroThrive General Purpose Fertilizer is the fertilizer for everything that grows. This organic product will feed your plants and stimulate the indigenous micro-flora in the soil. By enhancing the activity of the microbes, the nutrients in the fertilizer are more readily released into the soil so that the plant can easily access them. You will see, and taste, the difference as your plants produce high yields of sublimely healthy and delicious crops. OMRI , CDFA, USDA and WSDA listed/certified organic Derived from fish inedibles, grain and sulfate of potash Provides faster growth with healthy plants that are more able to fight off disease Easy to mix and use liquid concentrate Multiple application methods: as a soil drench, foliar feeding, in hydroponics, and in other fertilizing systems AgroThrive General Purpose Fertilizer is made from repurposed organic material that would otherwise add to landfill waste. Every year, using its 100% solar-powered facility, AgroThrive diverts over 2,000,000 pounds of food waste from landfills. That amount can prevent the potential production of over 10,000,000 cubic feet of methane gas.


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