Biomin® Calcium, 1-0-0



OMRI Listed Biomin Calcium is chelated with amino and organic acids in a patented process enabling the calcium to be readily and efficiently absorbed. Many factors inhibit calcium uptake: too much sodium in the soil, alkaline soil (high pH), or other metals such as magnesium that react with calcium and make it inactive. However, the encapsulation of the additional amino and organic acids prevents the interaction and resulting inactivation of calcium with other chemicals found in the environment. Once the calcium is released in the plant, the amino and organic acid portion of the product is converted into slow-release nitrogen. This time-released process does not produce unwanted growth after the flowering stage in plants. In addition, this product is non-phytotoxic and a good way to provide calcium for growth, strong cell walls, and efficient metabolism. Studies on raspberry crop yields performed by California Polytechnic State University revealed a 10% increase in crops treated with this fertilizer. Application Recommendations: Additional instructions are included. Biomin Calcium is suitable for soil or foliar applications and will not harm plants when applied according to directions. For best results, apply when the crop or plants are actively growing, and after a rain or irrigation when deficiency symptoms are present or during growth periods when additional calcium is needed. Use for strawberry, lettuce, tomato, celery, stone fruit, fruit trees, grapes, vegetables, commercial turf or ornamental gardens. 5 gallons covers 5-20 acres, depending on crop/deficiency levels. • For soil application, apply before or at planting as band or broadcast 1 qt-1 gallon/acre in enough water to cover acre. • For general foliar applications, 1-3 quarts/acre with 100-400 gallons/acre, diluted with at least 100 times amount of water (100-400 gallons/acre). • For field crops: apply when plants are about 6-12 inches; repeat in 2-4 weeks. • For fruit trees or grapes: apply at bud break; repeat in 4 weeks • For vegetable crops: apply 2-4 weeks after emergence; repeat in 1-3 weeks See Shipping Info tab above for State Restrictions – This product ships to a limited number of states. Shop All JH Biotech Products here .


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