Biomin® Iron, 1-0-0



Biomin Iron is a 5.0% chelated iron supplement that makes iron readily available to plants with iron deficiencies or chlorosis. Plants that are native to acidic regions may be iron deficient if grown in soils with higher pH levels. Soil levels with higher pH can cause difficulty in nutrient uptake for plants. Biomin Iron is chelated for easy absorption, bioavailable , non-phytotoxic, and can be applied in conjunction with nitrogen based fertilizers. Use for members of the Ericaceae or Heath family such as azaleas, rhododendrons, and blueberries, because they are extremely susceptible to iron deficiency. Additionally, use for citrus, roses, gardenia, crepe myrtle, strawberry, tomato, celery, stone fruit, grapes, vegetables, and commercial turf. Usage Recommendations: Use at chlorosis symptoms, when iron deficiency is present, or when high soil pH is noted. For soil application, band or broadcast 1 qt-1 gallon per acre in enough water to cover treated area. For all foliar applications of specific crops, mix 1-4 pints/acre with 100-400 gallons/acre. • Field crops: 4-6 inch plants; repeat in 2-4 weeks. • Fruit trees or grapes: at bud break; repeat in 4 weeks. • Vegetable crops: 2-4 weeks after emergence; repeat in 1-3 weeks. • Mix with 100 times water: Depending on soil, crops, climate you can expect to use 100 – 400 gallons of the mix per acre. Shop All JH Biotech Products here .


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