Dr. Earth® Pump & Grow® Indoor House Plant Food, 1-1-1



Dr. Earth Pump & Grow Indoor House Plant Food is a premium organic plant food made from recycled food scraps sourced from grocery stores. By upcycling what would have been discarded, this fertilizer reduces the carbon footprint of the grocery-to-landfill cycle and is a step toward a zero-waste society. Dr. Earth Pump & Grow Indoor House Plant Food plant food is not just good for the environment, it is packed full of Amino Acids, Micro and Macronutrients and Fulvic Acid that your plants will love. Apply directly to soil (no mixing!) or add to water in a watering can No synthetic ingredients or chicken manure Won’t disrupt watering schedules – can be watered in up to 24 hours after application Not harmful to earthworms or beneficial nematodes Shop all Dr. Earth products here .


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