Dr. Earth® Root Zone® Starter Fertilizer, 2-4-2



Lovingly crafted from feed grade ingredients, this organic and sustainably-made fertilizer promotes healthy and rich soil to give your plants the ideal place to grow in. Dr. Earth Root Zone Starter Fertilizer contains TruBiotic® beneficial soil microbes with mycorrhizae. These carefully chosen microbes will work to thoroughly break down nutrients in the soil and then release them in the root zone. This direct delivery to the roots provides the plants the nutrition they need right where they need it for vigorous root and plant growth. Formulated for use when planting seeds or transplanting into containers, but can be used on flowers, vegetables, mature container plants, trees, shrubs and bedding plants Nutritionally balanced formula made with organic nutrients from land and ocean plants, fish, fish bones and minerals mined from the earth For use on both summer and winter plants One pound feeds 14 square feet or 20 1-gallon transplants Non-GMO and contains no biosolids, chicken manure, composted household waste, or synthetic chemicals Promotes drought tolerance, enhanced nutrient availability and all-round improved plant performance Multiple organic credentials: OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), CDFA (Organic Input Material -California Department of Food and Agriculture), NOP (National Organic Program) and CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers)


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