DTE™ Azomite® Granulated, 0-0-0.2



The secret to DTE Azomite Granulated can be found in its name: Azomite is an acronym for “A to Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements”. All of this nutritional goodness is packed in an organic slow-release granular fertilizer that is sourced from ancient volcanic ash mined in central Utah. This versatile and easy-to-use product blends well and spreads easily for use in multiple applications. DTE Azomite Granulated is a versatile product that blends easily and is simple to use. Slowly releases minerals and trace elements for long-lasting benefits Improves plant and root system growth Boosts crop yields Enhances the quality and flavor of food crops Encourages beautiful blooms and vibrant foliage in flowers and ornamentals Re-mineralizes nutrient deficient soils Can be used in vegetable gardens, flower beds, container gardening and on lawns, trees, shrubs and vines. Apply DTE Azomite Granulated directly to soil, or use in combination with fertilizers, manures, compost or soil inoculants. DTE Azomite is also available in a powder form here Shop All Down to Earth products here


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