DTE™ Bat Guano, 7-3-1



Bat Guano has been used as a natural source of plant nutrition for ages and is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. It can be mixed into the soil medium , applied as a side dressing, or steeped into a tea for liquid and/or foliar applications. The high nitrogen formulation of Down To Earth Bat Guano makes it ideal for feeding transplants as well as early season feedings. Use it to feed houseplants, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, lawns and ornamental plants. OMRI listed formulation for organic growing. High nitrogen content drive vigorous vegetative growth. Phosphorous to enrich and increase bud and bloom size. Improves soil texture and drainage. Can be applied dry or mixed in with teas or other liquid preparations. Apply throughout the growing season to maximize crop production and plant growth in the following settings: outdoors, vegetable gardens, row crops, orchards & vineyards, nurseries, greenhouses, indoor grow rooms and interiorscapes. Shop All Down to Earth products here .


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