DTE™ Bio-Live 5-4-2



DTE Bio-Live 5-4-2 is an organic dry fertilizer that is a dynamic blend of high quality marine byproducts, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae. The beneficial microorganisms in this OMRI listed product will help build a living soil by colonizing the root zone and surrounding soil. This will increase resistance to disease, improve nutrient and water absorption, and build resistance to environmental stress factors (heat, drought). In addition, the humic acid present in this blend provides the microorganisms with a food source while they establish themselves. This combination of nutrient and microbial content makes DTE Bio-Live an exceptional fertilizer for all that you grow. Can be used with additional microbial inoculants for even more microbial activity in your soil OMRI Listed & CDFA Registered Use on vegetable gardens, flower beds, container plantings, trees, shrubs, and vines. Shop All Down to Earth products here .


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