DTE™ Neem Seed Meal, 6-1-2



A native of India, the fast-growing and sustainable Neem tree ( Azadirachta indica ) has been sought out for thousands of years for its many beneficial properties. Neem Oil and Azadiractin are two well-known products derived from the seeds of the tree and Neem Seed Meal (also known as Neem Cake) is another. This OMRI listed Neem Seed Meal is produced by cold-pressing the seeds after the oil has been removed. Benefits of Premium Neem Seed Meal: Provides a long-release source of macro- and micronutrients. Feeds microbial life, nurturing a healthy root system. Increases organic matter in the soil, improving soil texture and stimulating sustainable growth. Protects plant roots from soil-borne pests including grubs , root knot nematodes and root aphids . Down To Earth Neem Seed Meal can be used on short or long season crops, but is not recommended for indoor plants due to its odor. This fertilizer can be mixed into soils or soilless media, applied as a top dress around established plants or steeped (compost tea) to make a liquid solution. Suggested Uses: For use as a soil additive/fertilizer to enrich garden and agricultural soils and optimize plant growth. Shop All Down to Earth products here .


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