DTE™ Solution Grade Potassium Sulfate, 0-0-50



DTE Solution Grade Potassium Sulfate is an organic powder that contains two crucial plant nutrients – potassium (K) and sulfur (S). Plants can’t survive, much less thrive, without the support that these two nutrients provide. In fact, almost every major physiological function a plant performs requires one or both of them. DTE Solution Grade Potassium Sulfate supplies a strong dose of these nutrients in a highly available water-soluble sulfate form that is designed for efficient delivery and immediate uptake. A soil or plant tissue analysis or a home soil test is recommended before use, but application can be made without one (see instructions for details). Allows plants to reach their full potential in growth and production Fine 200 mesh powder that can be used with no clogging issues OMRI listed for organic growing Can be used in reservoirs, fertigation, drip irrigation or spray applications Shop All Down to Earth products here .


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