ECOMAX™ 6-2-1 Fertilizer



For centuries, people in India and Asia have used the Neem tree as a source for incredible fertilizers and pesticides. As a fertilizer, Neem offers nitrogen in a readily accessible form that mixes easily in water and can be added to a broad spectrum of organic and conventional fertilizers and soil amendments. Derived from 100% non-GMO Neem kernels, ECOMAX is made via cold rotary processing, which allows for maximum bio-availability of the Neem. The result is a vegan, slow release, organic NPK nutrient which provides many natural micronutrients in trace amounts. The benefits of Neem are nearly innumerable but the following are some standouts: Reduces soil pH and improves nutrient uptake in plants (especially N & P). Provides organic carbon to improve soil and plant health and to enhance sustainable crop care. Adds vegetable proteins and carbs to the soil that feed soil microbes and lay the foundation for long-lasting soil health. Decreases nitrification and leaching of Nitrogen fertilizers and improves overall effectiveness of the Nitrogen. Helps to mitigate odors associated with organic fertilizers and poultry litter fertilizers in storage, manufacturing and infield use. In addition to the above valuable benefits for your crops, using this Neem product also provides benefits beyond agriculture. Neem is a first rate carbon sequestration tree source and the growth of these trees is carefully monitored to be sustainable over the long haul to keep this carbon where it needs to be. Grown as part of an overall global environmental and preservation effort, these trees also provide a source of income for local people and habitat for native wildlife. ECOMAX will make your plants feel good; but you can feel good as well, knowing that this product spreads so many benefits around. For orders of 3+ 50 lbs bags, please call us at 1-800-827-2847 . A freight quote will be needed for delivery.


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