Geoflora VEG, 5-3-4



A Dustless Granular Fertilizer Formulated With Large Scale Use In Mind This granular fertilizer is sourced from some of the highest quality organic inputs available to provide your plants with trace and micronutrients and five types of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria in these granules help establish strong microbial activity in your soil, which aids in nutrient availability and uptake for healthy, fertile plants. Synergistically, the nitrogen sources work with the microbes to keep a balanced release of nutrients and a healthy micronutrient profile. The granular form of this master-crafted fertilizer makes for easy, dust-less application with no pre-mixing needed. Key Features: Economical, one-step fertilizing. Can be applied on any scale – available in sizes suitable for home & commercial growing. Promotes robust canopy growth and root development. Balanced nitrogen sources are excellent for mother plants. Granular form eliminates cakes, cuts application time and makes even distribution a breeze. Multiple sources of nitrogen discourages burning (when used as directed). Amend into soil before transplanting for strong starts and then add it again after harvest for a healthy, living soil that you can re-use. Geoflora VEG can be used on its own; but using it in conjunction with Geoflora BLOOM will provide the best results. Geoflora VEG & BLOOM can be used as a stand-alone system, or as an addition to other liquid and dry nutrients. Orders over 150 lbs. require a freight shipping quote. Please call us at 1-800-827-2847 to place a freight order.


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