Geoflora VEG & BLOOM Combo Pack



Breathe Easy – Grow Biologically – Boost Yields This two fertilizer combination is formulated for split use between the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth. Both certified organic, Geoflora VEG (5-3-4) and Geoflora BLOOM (3-5-5) provide a dustless application suitable for large and small scale usage. These naturally-sourced granules also contain beneficial growth promoting bacteria to stimulate soil biology and increase availability of key nutrients. Geoflora VEG: An organic fertilizer blend with a balanced N-P-K and mixed nitrogen sources to minimize the risk of burn. Granular and dust-free, it requires no pre-mixing and can be applied before planting or during the growing season. Geoflora BLOOM: A collection of 20 organic nutrients, including beneficial bacteria, formulated to help plants transition into flower and fruit production. Highly compatible with other bloom boosters and soil amendments. Orders over 150 lbs. require a freight shipping quote. Please call us at 1-800-827-2847 to place a freight order.


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