Glacial Rock Dust



Much of the soil that we depend on has been depleted of trace and essential nutrients due to farming, erosion, leaching and the passage of time. This natural mineral product can provide those lost essential elements and direct your soil towards a healthier, more productive future. Derived from rocks that have been exposed as glaciers recede, Glacial Rock Dust contains key micronutrients for plant development. Once applied, the minerals slowly release into the soil for long-lasting benefits. Additionally, Glacial Rock Dust improve the overall structure of soil, which heightens drought resistance and improves conditions for beneficial microbial life. These secondary benefits translate into healthier plants with increased yields. This product carries an Organic Input Material registration (CDFA) from the State of California and is a product of Canada, where it is responsibly harvested without chemical extraction. Suggested Uses: Use to boost trace and essential minerals in soil. Looking For Something Different? Browse our full list of fertilizers and soil amendments to find what you need! Shop all Plan B Organics products here .


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