High Phos Bat Guano, 0-12-0



THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED – SHOP ALL Plan B Organics Fertilizers . A high phosphorous (0-12-0) bat guano fertilizer to increase bloom quantity & size! High Phos Bat Guano, 0-12-0 can be applied to soil or made into a tea for use in gardens, raised beds, landscapes, houseplants and containers. This particular variety of bat guano has two things that not all guanos have: high levels of phosphate and calcium. The extra power boost of these two nutrients can have dramatic effects on plant growth and bloom production, in addition to the many benefits of guano in general. Plan B Organics’ guano is screened through a 200 mesh screen to provide consistent, fine particles for seamless mixing and application. Production Note: This guano comes from fruit-eating bats in Indonesia and the Philippines, where it is sustainably managed and harvested. Looking For Something Different? Browse our full list of fertilizers to find what you need! Suggested Uses: Use to encourage plant growth and to increase the size and quantity of blooms on flowering plants. Shop all Plan B Organics products here .


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