IV Organic® All Purpose Organic Fertilizers



These carefully thought-out organic fertilizers contain all the primary (NPK) and all the secondary nutrients (Ca, Mg, S) that plants need; but it’s the versatility of these blends that really makes them stand out. You can use them in their original granular form to feed your plants through the soil. You can also apply them as a foliar spray or use them in a compost tea. These potent fertilizers are only meant to be applied 3-4 times a year, so the small-size packaging is generally all that home gardeners need. Choose the All Purpose Premium Blend for first-rate comprehensive fertilizing. Choose the All Purpose Super Blend PLUS Azomite if you want a fertilizer with additional mineralization properties. Azomite (“The A-Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements”) is sourced from volcanic rock and contains multiple minerals that will slowly breakdown for long-lasting benefits to your plants. Contains all necessary macro-nutrients For use on fruit and nut trees, ornamentals, roses and other flowers, shrubs, vegetables and potted plants. Each 11.8 oz bag of All Purpose Organic Fertilizer makes 20 gallons or more of liquid fertilizer. Each 4 lb. bag of All Purpose Organic Fertilizer makes 120 gallons or more of liquid fertilizer. Shop all IV Organic products here. Shop All IV Organic Products here .


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