Jack’s Fertilizer 27-15-12 Foliar Feed



This is the fertilizer is specially formulated to use for foliar feeding of ornamentals, vegetables and fruits. The high urea content and micronutrients promote green-up and foliar expansion. Can be used in conjunction with normal media fertilization or alone. Addition of a surfactant enhances activity.
for use on field and high tunnel grown fruit and vegetable crops
for growers who want rapid green up, leaf expansion
25 lb. bag
Guaranteed AnalysisElemental ConcentrationMixing InstructionsFoliar Feeding should be used as a supplement to your normal feeding program. It is not meant to be the only source of nutrition for your crops.Apply 1-2 lbs per 100 gallons of water for greenhouse use.Apply 3-5 lbs per acreas a foliar feed. Apply with as much water as possible for effective leaf coverage. Do not apply at concentrations greater than 1 lb of product in 5 gallons of water.Early morning applications are recommended.Limit of Solubility 6.5 lb per GallonAdditional Information27-15-12 Foliar Feed – SDS (PDF)


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