John & Bob’s Nourish – BIOSOL, 6-1-1



John & Bob’s Nourish – BIOSOL ® is a slow release, natural fertilizer that stimulates microorganism activity in your soil. Made from organic vegetable ingredients and recycled fermented plant matter. John & Bob’s Nourish – BIOSOL ® includes fermented soybean and cottonseed meal, which are full of simple sugars to feed bacteria and support plant growth. When used in conjunction with other John & Bob’s products, it supports the live bacteria in John & Bob’s Penetrate and stimulates beneficial micro-organism activity in your soil. This product is part of the Smart Soil Solutions from John & Bob’s. Nourish – BIOSOIL ® is designed to be used along with John & Bob’s Penetrate Liquid Bio-Tiller, John & Bob’s Maximize – Microbes and Minerals , and John & Bob’s Soil Optimizer . Apply twice per year. Shop All John & Bob’s Products here .


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