Molasses Magic, 0-0-3



Molasses Magic is a water-soluble molasses powder made to be used as a plant food supplement. It comes from the waste product of sugar cane production, Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses. This thick, dark substance may be considered waste in the process of turning sugar cane into white sugar, but it contains an abundance of nutrition for your plants. Besides providing a food source for healthy microbial growth (which is essential for robust root development), Molasses Magic is brimming with vitamins and increases brix levels. Plants with high brix levels enjoy overall good health, with strong immune systems, and produce high-quality, flavorful crops. Begin use in early veg to kickstart a healthy microbial network in/around roots and to start accumulating internal plant sugars. Use during transplanting, and other stressful times (trimming, heavy feeding, or photoperiod change). Apply during fruiting/flowering to increase nutrient density and flavor. Use to provide a quick jolt of energy to your plants. Can be used with microbial inoculants and as part of a nutrient regime. To make nutrients, sugars, and energy immediately available, use as a foliar spray. Can be used in soil, coco coir, hydroponics and aeroponics. You aren’t paying for water with this dehydrated molasses, and it is easier and less messy to use than liquids. Does not contain undesirable ingredients commonly found in liquid molasses products, like Formaldehyde, Sulfurous Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate, Ammonium Sulfate, Pentachlorophenol, Amitrole and Thrichloroacetic Acid. Shop All Key to Life products here .


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