MPP™: Mineralized Phosphate Powder™, 0-9-0



If you want your plants to have stronger roots, more robust growth and bigger, brighter, more abundant blooms (and who doesn’t?), this powder is for you. Not only does it have the phosphorus that flowers crave, it also has an exceptional amount of calcium. This combination will put you on the road to the quality and quantity of plants you desire.. This organic product is respectfully and sustainably managed and harvested from caves in Indonesia. Once collected, it is painstakingly sifted through a 200-mesh screen. The resultant smooth powder makes for easy mixing and application. MPP: Mineralized Phosphate Powder can be applied to soil (or a growing medium) or made into a tea. It can be used in gardens, raised beds, landscapes, houseplants and containers when growing vegetables, flowers, herbs, shrubs and vines. It is also excellent for fruit-bearing and other types of trees. Shop all Plan B Organics products here .


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