Nitrogreen™, 13-0-0



Nitrogreen is a plant-based organic fertilizer that offers a powerful blast of nitrogen to get your green-up going. Nitrogen is a vital nutrient for plant growth, development, establishment, and reproduction. It is arguably the most important nutrient for healthy plants. Nitrogreen provides just the boost of nitrogen your plant needs to best synthesize amino acids, chlorophyll, nucleic, acids and enzymes as part of its natural functions. Made from non-GMO hydrolyzed plant protein, this water soluble product can be used all types of plants and vegetables. Nitrogreen will dissolve quickly and completely into solution, but it can also be applied dry as a soil additive or top dress. OMRI listed under Crop Fertilizer and Soil Amendment Goes quickly into solution for fast delivery of nutrients, or can be applied dry for a slower release process Plant-based ingredients will not burn plants Can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants Shop All JRM Chemical, Inc Products here .


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