NutriRoot®, 2-2-3



NutriRoot is an ingenious blend of seaweed extract , nutrients, humic acid , humectants and surfactants that encourages root development and reduces water stress. This easy-to-use, yet highly effective formula provides valuable nutrition and microbial life to the root zone to encourage robust root development. But, through its humectants, it will also enable the soil to extract water from the air and deliver it right to the root zone. A steady and secure water supply means less watering and reduced water stress, which frees your plants up to grow to their greatest potential. Use on established plants or transplants and you will see marked improvement in plant vigor in no time. Key Features: Can be used on container plants, trees, shrubs, landscape plants and more. An excellent source of nutrition. Mitigates sandy and/or dry soil conditions. Reduces seasonal pressures, like Summer and Winter Stress. Provides organic matter and encourages the growth of soil microorganisms. Hinders water run-off in dry or hard soil surfaces. Can be used throughout the growing season. Shop all Arborjet products here


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