ON-Gard Calcium, 1-0-0



Calcium correction for all plants from apples to zinnias! This liquid calcium fertilizer, with its highly effective formulation of soy protein hydrolysate and calcium chloride, will treat and prevent calcium deficiencies in your plants. Scientifically speaking, the protein hydrolysate is the organic material created by the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins to their constituent amino acids and short polypeptides. Practically speaking, soy protein hydrolysate will significantly increase the calcium uptake by plants. In addition to this valuable uptake ability, ON-Gard Calcium has numerous other benefits for you and your plants, including: More effective uptake means lower application rates and reduced costs Fewer mineral deposits in plants Prevents tip burn in lettuce Increase brix levels Excellent for startups in propagation and for application to stock plants A favorite of hemp and cannabis growers in Canada Improved nutrient acquisition and improved quality of fruits and vegetables Highly efficient for stress mitigation High dilution rates decreases danger of phytotoxicity Shop all BioWorks products here


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