Osmocote Nursery Mix 23-4-8 Fertilizer



Osmocote Blend 23-4-8 features our E-Max Coated Urea Technology is one of our best selling blends. The combination of resin-coated NPK and STEP Hi-Mag makes this product a versatile all around product in the outdoor nursery can market. Target Crops/Special Uses Osmocote 23-4-8 in and on a wide variety of plants, but especially in fast growing perennials, grasses and foliage. The addition of the E-Max Coated urea allows for an enhanced release of Nitrogen earlier in the growth cycle that will support the quick-growing plants and get them up to size sooner. As time goes by, the resin-coated N-P-K backbone takes over and gently feeds the plants until they finish growing. Because the Nitrogen has been augmented in this formulation, the cost in use is relatively low, but the predictable performance makes producing a good batch of plants a breeze. That being said, this product does have limitations when compared to the Osmocote Plus line. It contains urea, so we do not recommend its use in covered greenhouse production. The STEP Hi-Mag is uncoated in this blend, so it is important that it is not in direct contact with young, sensitive plants. This is a great choice for second year topdress application prior to spring shipping or in a garden center environment where plants have been overwintered.


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