Osmocote Plus 17-5-11 Pro Fertilizer



This blend is made of 100% resin-coated N-P-K with an additional charge of large granular Micromax. Using the Osmocote Blend allows growers and media blenders to use their second bin on their mix line for something other than Micromax. The resin-coated, homogenous N-P-K cores mix throughout the root zone for consistent and reliable feeding. Target Crops/Special Uses Osmocote Blend 17-5-11 is recommended for use in greenhouse, nursery, field grown and landscape environments. It is generally blended into the growing media, but it can be topdressed in the pot, subdressed or dibbled. It is recommended that the pot is thoroughly watered before or directly after planting to release the minor nutrients from the Micromax granules and disperse it into the media. This product is widely used as a single source of nutrients in both greenhouses and nursery container grown plants. Its balanced offering of nutrients makes it a great choice for growers that are looking for a more economical option to our top of the line product, Osmocote Plus. The most common uses are as a base feed incorporated with water soluble fertilizer programs in heavy feeding plants like petunia baskets.


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