Plant Food Nitrogen, 13.5-0-0



If you are looking for plant-based, organic product that can really deliver the nitrogen, Plant Food Protein Nitrogen (PFPN) is the choice for you. Made from hydrolyzed non-gmo soybean meal, this product is packed with protein and l-amino acids. The nitrogen you seek is readily available to your plants in this water soluble formulation. PFNP will boost the nutrient intake in your crops and, in short order, you should see brighter, healthier plants with no tip burn and enhanced tolerance for salinity and abiotic stresses. This product is suitable for a wide range of crops and has been shown to be especially effective when used on berries. PFNP is an ideal replacement for conventional nitrogen sources and its OMRI listing and CDFA certification assure you that is acceptable for use in organic agriculture. You can use PFPN on its own or add it as an ingredient in a custom formulation. You can apply PFPN as a foliar application, in a drip, as a soil drench, in hydroponic, as a side dress and in flood irrigation. Suggested Uses: For use in organic and conventional agricultural growing as a reducer of conventional nitrogen sources, on its own as soil amendment or as an ingredient in custom formulations.


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