RAW B-Vitamin



RAW B-Vitamin is a plant supplement that contains Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate) and Magnesium (Mg). This dry product will dissolve quickly and thoroughly in water for exceptional delivery and effectiveness. You can use RAW B-Vitamin at any time throughout the growing cycle, but it will be most beneficial if you use it during transplanting, when plants are subjected to stressors and in the fruiting/flowering stage. Vitamin B is part of the blend of essential macro and micronutrients needed for healthy plant processes and growth. When you add the 9% Magnesium that RAW B-Vitamin contains, you have an excellent Magnesium supplement with a boost of vitamins that all plants will love. Can be added to all nutrient and feeding programs. Contains 1% water soluble Vitamin B1 and 9% Magnesium. The 2 oz. pouch makes up to 200 gallons and the 8 oz. pouch will make up to 800 gallons. Shop All NPK Industries products here .


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