RAW Nitrogen



RAW Nitrogen is a water soluble plant supplement that contains 20% Ammonium Nitrogen (N). Plants use two types of Nitrogen, Nitrate N and Ammonium N, but this product contains only the Ammonium. Using just the one type of nitrogen means that RAW Nitrogen can be used as a foliar feed and during all stages of growth and bloom, which you cannot do with Nitrogen N. Nitrogen is essential for the development of strong, healthy plants. As a part of the chlorophyll molecule, it “greens up” your plants and creates food for the plant through photosynthesis. Nitrogen also provides plant protoplasm, which encourages strong shoot growth, bud and flower development, and fruit set. An exceptional choice to boost Nitrogen (N) levels, treat deficiencies and create optimal recipe solutions Has an NPK of 20-0-0 Can be used as a part of any feeding and nutrient programs 2 oz. pouch makes 200 gallons; 8 oz. pouch makes 800 gallons Shop All NPK Industries products here .


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