RAW Potassium



RAW Potassium is a plant supplement that contains 50% Water Soluble Potash derived from Potassium Sulfate. This easy-to-use water soluble product allows for efficient delivery and quick uptake of nutrients to the plant. During the fruiting and flowering stage, plants require significant amounts of potassium in a short period of time and can easily become potassium-deficient. RAW Potassium is designed to provide a powerful boost of potassium when it’s most needed. Potassium (K) enhances and supports strong roots and provides healthy green growth and sturdy stems. It also increases plants’ resistance to pests, diseases, and environmental stressors like cold and drought. Plants with healthy potassium levels are able to smoothly photosynthesize and will produce robust blooms, and quality fruit with vibrant color and flavor. Use RAW Potassium to boost potassium (P) levels, treat deficiencies and create optimal recipe solutions. Has an NPK of 0-0-50 Can be used as a part of any feeding and nutrient programs 2 oz. pouch makes 200 gallons; 8 oz. pouch makes 800 gallons Shop All NPK Industries products here .


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