SaferGro® Biomin® Iron 1-0-0



SaferGro Biomin Iron is an organic micronutrient formula made using a patented encapsulation process of the mineral iron along with amino (and other natural organic) acids. Iron is inclined to getting bound up by other chemicals in the soil, which causes it to become inactive and this encapsulation process keeps that from happening. It encircles and protects the iron from making contact with outside chemicals. Once taken in by the plant, the microscopic capsule will dissolve, the iron will be released and the amino acids will start their work as a slow release source of nitrogen. This gentle release of small amounts of nitrogen gives your plants what they need without unwanted vegetative growth after the flowering stage. Benefits of Biomin Iron: Rapidly repairs an iron deficiency Can be used to get your color right: greens up lawns and such; makes the red pigmentation in wine grapes pop and will correct yellowing caused by too much lime Completely bioavailable and non-phytotoxic to plants Designed to be applied in a variety of ways: watered in, foliar or soil applications, on turf or in hydroponics Can be used on all plants, including (but not limited to) avocados, citrus, fruit trees, grapes, lawns, nut trees, ornamentals, house plants and all vegetables. Suggested Uses: Use to prevent and correct mineral and nutrient deficiencies in plants. Shop all SaferGro Products here .


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