Simply Silica



Stronger Cell Walls – Stronger Plants – Stronger Yields Although Silica is a common element throughout nature and is abundant in soil and most plant tissues, your plants can still benefit from an extra helping of this dynamic additive. This is especially true in hydroponics, where plants generally lack natural sources to draw Silica from. Silica provides numerous benefits: Increases growth rates by encouraging the production of strong cell walls. The Silica works with cellulose in the plants to create a durable framework for these walls. Limits transplant shock. This is ideal for propagation rooms where plant turnover is high and/or transplanting occurs frequently. Improves uptake and mobility of nutrients. Bigger and better cell walls create bigger and better stems, which are the straws that the plant uses to access their nutrients. Provides more robust resistance to environmental stressors due to climate, drought or excess heat. Improves disease and pest resistance. Healthier plants are more able to fight off disease pathogens and pests. Enables the plant to make the best use of CO 2 and increase its chlorophyll level. This results in healthy and beautiful lush green leaves. Extends the life of cut flowers and plants. A highly concentrated liquid formulation, Simply Silica is easy to use and can be added to any fertilizer regime. It is formulated to be ideal for hydroponic use as it can be used consistently in the reservoir and will not clog drippers. Simply Silica is a completely chloride-free source of potassium and soluble silicon. For best results, add some with every feeding throughout the growing cycle.


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