Soil Moist™ Container Mix Plus



Soil Moist Container Mix Plus is a dynamic combination of microorganisms, a 3-3-3 fertilizer, and water-saving polymers that has been created specifically for container plants. This mix contains several species of naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. These microorganisms will colonize the root zone of newly planted stock and create a healthy microbiome for your growing plants. This unique product also has a timed-release 3-3-3 fertilizer that provides a continuous output of gentle feeding for 8-9 months. This steady nutrition easily provides for your plants from transplants to maturity. Lastly, this product contains water-saving polymers; they reduce waterings, allow for effective water management, and help reduce transplant shock. This trio of benefits doesn’t just cover things that your plant needs, it provides the ultimate environment for your plants to flourish in. Designed for use in hanging baskets, indoor potted plants and patio pots, but can be used on most any new plants, flowers and trees – no matter where you are growing them. However, do not use on Laurels, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Oaks, Pines, Firs and Spruces. Creates a vibrant microbial life in soil that provides long-term benefits for plants Encourages strong and rapid root growth and robust plant establishment for healthy plants Reduces watering, and the risk of transplant shock and plant loss Nutrient and water uptake will be smooth and highly effective Each 8 oz.(½ lb.) will treat 50 square feet of bedding area For trees, use 6 tablespoons per diameter inch of tree Shop All JRM Chemical, Inc Products here .


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