Soil Moist™ Flower & Garden Plus



Soil Moist Flower & Garden Plus has been created to inoculate areas like flower beds, landscaped areas, and gardens that are being prepped for planting. Designed thoughtfully for endo specific plants, it has 7 species of viable endomycorrhizal propagules and 30 strains of beneficial bacteria. This combination of microorganisms lays a foundation for a healthy microbiome in your soil so your plants and transplants can thrive from the moment they meet the soil. This versatile product also contains a timed release 3-3-3 fertilizer. This gentle fertilizer will slowly disperse and feed your microorganisms and plants over an 8-9 month period. In addition to all the aforementioned goodness, Soil Moist Flower & Garden Plus contains water storing polymers. The addition of these polymers allows for better water management and less transplant shock. Effective on most types of plants and trees, except Laurels, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Oaks, Pines, Firs, Spruces, Beech, Birch, Poplar, Aspen, Alder, Larch, Linder and Pecan trees Creates a vibrant microbial life in soil that provides long-term benefits for plants Encourages strong and rapid root growth and robust plant establishment for healthy plants Reduces watering, and the risk of transplant shock and plant loss Nutrient and water uptake will be smooth and highly effective Each 1 pound container will treat 100 square feet of bedding area, seven 1-inch caliper trees, or forty 1-gallon containers Shop All JRM Chemical, Inc Products here .


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