Tank’s SuperMix Organic Fertilizer, 2-2-1 – 10 lb. bag



An Easy To Use, All-In-One Fertilizer Great For Veggies, Flowers, Trees and Fruits! Building a healthy, diverse biome in the soil is essential in the creation of an outstanding garden. OMRI listed Tank’s SuperMix is an organic fertilizer formulated as a “one and done” application just for that. The combination of natural, organic ingredients in SuperMix will enrich your soil and encourage the propagation of beneficial microbes in the root zone. Your end result will be vibrantly healthy plants with larger, more abundant blooms and vegetables. SuperMix contains a unique blend of vital nutrients, beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae, humic acid, enzymes and minerals to nourish plants and promote vibrant, healthy growth. Certified Organic Ingredients: Tank’s Green Stuff Organic Compost , Composted Chicken Manure, Worm Castings , Gypsum, BioChar, Soymeal, Leonardite, Calcium, Humic Acid, Kelp Meal , Bat Guano , Blood Meal , Feather Meal, Beneficial Soil Microbial Blend, Zoolite, Over 60 Trace Minerals. The microbial content in Tank’s Supermix comes primarily from the addition of Bactifeed, a proprietary microbial blend of that contains 14+ species of fungi and bacteria. For more detailed information about the contents of Bactifeed, refer to its product label . About Tank’s Green Stuff: Tank’s Green Stuff is a Tucson-based company committed to providing local gardeners and landscapers with organic compost, ground covers and soil amendments. As part of their commitment to building a sustainable community, they encourage people to drop off compostable materials in order to reduce landfill waste. The dropped off materials are composted, bagged and mixed with ProCoco Coco Coir to make Tank’s Cactus & Succulent Mix and Tank’s-Pro Potting Mix . Shop all Tank’s Green Stuff Products here .


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