Terpinator®, 0-0-4



Terpinator 0-0-4 is a proprietary blend of organic inputs and plant extracts that create a soluble liquid plant food. Driven by Potassium (derived from potassium sulfate), this product has been designed to improve the terpene concentration in plants. Terpenes form the essential oils found in most flowers and plants and enhanced terpenes mean more vigorous growth that results in plants that have better taste, smell, and potency. Terpinator works in a 4-step process: After application, Terpinator comes into contact with plant cells in the epidermal layer of the plant. Using bioosmotic potentiators, it is then put into storage in those cells until ready for use. By being readily available as a building block for secondary metabolites, it enhances a plant’s ability to produce gland sites. By providing these building blocks, trichome counts and productivity increase rapidly. Additional Benefits: Can be used in all grow applications (hydroponic, soil, coco). Use throughout the life cycle of the plant or use at the beginning of the vegetative stage to build a stockpile of compounds or at the beginning of flowering at the first sign of flower site development. Can be used on all plants. Will not harm microbial populations. In fact, the sulfates in the formula can actually improve microbial activity. Can be used all the way through flush. Will not leave chemical residue or affect the final product in a negative way. Because Terpinator is a neutral pH, low PPM additive, it can be incorporated into any nutrient regime without adjusting your schedule. As with any new additive that you add to a feed, be sure to monitor PPM and pH after adding. This product is designed for use in hydroponic and continuous feed applications as a root drench; do not spray onto leaves.


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