Ventana Plant Science – FlaVUH 4X Concentrate (4-0-4) (Biostimulant + Oil Production) – Gallon



INCREASE YIELD – In 2022 FlaVUH was tested at a Canadian government-licensed research facility for medicinal crops, showing an increased yield of 14% over the control. A downloadable PDF of the test is linked below.
INCREASE TERPENES – FlaVUH was tested at Pleasantrees, a commercial scale multi-state operator of medicinal crops. In their side-by-side test, the crops using FlaVUH increased terpenes from 1.1% to 2.4%. A downloadable PDF of the test is linked below.
SCIENTIFICALLY DERIVED, FOOD SAFE – FlaVUH is safe for any crops intended for human consumption. Guaranteed to pass heavy metals testing in all 50 states. 
Ventana Plant Science (VPS) FlaVUH supports plant nutrient assimilation and phytochemical production. VPS’s flavor and terpene-enhancing FlaVUH are designed with Nature in mind while incorporating the latest advancements in essential oil production technology. The VUH of FlaVUH stands for Volatile Unsaturated Hydrocarbons, otherwise known as terpenes–the primary aromatic and secondary psychoactive compounds of medicinal plants. VPS FlaVUH incorporates a proprietary, biodegradable nutrient-enhancing amino acid polymer that promotes nutrient uptake while decreasing salt buildup. Check out the Full VPS Consumer/Hobbyist & Commercial lines for more!


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