Verdanta® EcoVita™, 7-5-10



An OMRI Listed Microgranule Formulation Designed to Provide Consistent Nutrition Through the Growing Season Verdanta EcoVita is an organic fertilizer containing a complex of plant nutrients formulated into homogeneous micro-granules to provide complete nutrition for many commonly grown plants. This particular formulation means that each of these small (80% are between 1-2 mm), uniform granules contain the same amount of NPK. Such uniformity allows for smooth and precise nutrient distribution and reliable nutrient availability. Your plants will begin receiving nutrients within 3 days and, as soil microbes and humus go to work, the process will continue for up to 3 months in cool soil (60°F). Key Features: For conventional or organic growing Provides organic phosphorus for better rooting and less leaching Low salt index reduces risk to plants Gentle release curve that is suitable for a wide range of crops and diverse applications Compatible with most common fertilizers, chemicals and biological products Suggested Uses: For commercial use only to provide complete nutrition for organic and conventionally-grown crops. Shop all BioWorks products here


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