Verdanta® K-Vita™, 2-0-20



Verdanta K-Vita is made with MINIGRAN® technology that creates nutrient-filled, low-odor and dust-free micro-granules. Each of these tiny granules contains the same amount of Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K), which allows for uniform distribution of these nutrients to the plant. Microbial activity in the soil is the catalyst that slowly releases the nutrients. This same microbial activity also builds humus in the soil and encourages robust rooting with less leaching. Key Features: For conventional or organic farming Aids in the production of strong plants with shorter internodes Increases stress tolerance in established plants and transplants Use when transplanting to improve survival and growth rates Provides nutrients for up to 100 days at 60° Use to harden ornamentals and/or nursery plants when you only need a little nitrogen Can be used as a base fertilizer or added to a fertilizer program when crops need an extra dose of Potassium Suggested Uses: For commercial use only to provide a base level of potassium in plants, or as an additional source of potassium. Shop all BioWorks products here


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