Verdanta® N-Vita™, 9-4-3



Verdanta N-Vita is an extremely effective and easy-to-use fertilizer with a higher nitrogen level than many other comparable organic products. This additional nitrogen promotes healthy foliar growth, especially in herbs and leafy green crops (including Cannabis). Verdanta N-Vita is made using the proprietary MINIGRAN® technology. This formulation method creates small (0.8-2.5mm), dust and odor-free micro-granules, each of which contains the same amount and proportion of nutrients. These nutrients will be slowly released by microbial activity and give you a uniform and long-lasting dose across the application area. Key Features: For conventional or organic farming Enhanced microbial activity will aid in production of humus with improved rooting and less leaching Up to 60% more efficient distribution for uniform color and growth Provides nutrients for up to 100 days Can be used as a base fertilizer or added to a fertilizer program Suggested Uses: For commercial use only as a base fertilizer (or for a little extra nitrogen) on a wide range of crops. Shop all BioWorks products here


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