VRD™:Volcanic Rock Dust™



An Ultra-Versatile Mineral Amendment & Compost Booster Volcanic eruptions and the ensuing sedimentation have been the source of trace and essential minerals in the soil for eons. Over time, without regular volcanic activity or replenishment, soils become depleted and plants are not able to acquire the nutrients they need. Volcanic rocks, however, still hold these minerals. Volcanic Rock Dust (VRD) is the end result of breaking them out of their rock bondage and presenting them in a readily available form. This particular volcanic rock dust contains Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Sodium as well as naturally occurring hydrophobic Fulvic Acid – a powerhouse when it comes to boosting nutrient acquisition from the soil. It is extracted from a tropical ecosystem in Indonesia using a mechanical, chemical-free process. After extraction, it is sifted through a 200 mesh screen until it reaches a smooth consistency. The resulting dust allows for easy application, after which the minerals will slowly release into the soil for long-term benefits. Shop all Plan B Organics products here .


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