Jack’s Fertilizer 21-7-7 Acid



This is an ideal fertilizer for acid-loving plants in the nursery and landscape. Provides a rapid correction of a high pH situation. Unlike other brands, Jackâ€s 21-7-7 Acid contains no harmful chlorides.
for use on acid loving plants in nurseries and landscapes, such as rhodendrons, azaleas, and evergreens
for growers who want a heavily acidic formulation
25 lb. bag
Guaranteed AnalysisElemental ConcentrationMixing InstructionsChart displays the amount of dry fertilizer (oz.) to add to each gallon of water to make a concentrated solution. Please check your injector setting before use.Limit of Solubility = 4 lbs per gallonImportant Notes: E.C. value is the best method to determine fertilizer strength. Fertilizer appearance may vary in color due to variation in raw material size and tracer dye distribution upon the particles in the bag. In solution, color will remain consistent. For best results, use warm water to dissolve product. Jack’s fertilizers are made with 100% soluble raw materials that will form a true solution. Some raw materials are slower to dissolve than others. Keep stock tank covered to reduce light and debris inputs.Additional Information21-7-7 Acid – SDS (PDF)


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