John & Bob’s Penetrate – Liquid Biotiller



John & Bob’s Penetrate – Liquid Biotiller is a soil inoculant designed to break apart and transform hard clay soils into rich, loamy soil. Loamy soil containing high levels of organic matter is easier to cultivate and supports the essential micro-organisms in the soil network. Improved soil structure leads to more efficient percolation and uptake of water and nutrients. A wetting agent and biostimulant , Penetrate – Liquid Biotiller comes in two bottles that are mixed together for activation and application. No brewing needed! Bottle A: Contains saponin extract from yucca, a natural soil penetrant and wetting agent. Kelp and humic acid provide supplemental food sources for the bacteria in Bottle B. Bottle B: Contains beneficial bacteria ( Bacillus subtilis , Bacillus pumulus , Bacillus licheniformis ) that encourage growth of complex soil life, accelerate the process of loosening your soil and increase nutrient availability. For optimal results, apply John & Bob’s Penetrate – Liquid Biotiller twice per year. It can also be applied to foliage as a disease suppressant . This product is part of the John & Bob’s Soil Prep Kit . Penetrate – Liquid Biotiller is designed to work with John & Bob’s Optimize Soil Optimizer , John & Bob’s Maximize – Microbes and Minerals , and John & Bob’s Nourish – BIOSOL . Shop All John & Bob’s Products here .


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