Seamax™ 1-0-0.8



This liquid fertilizer is gentle on the environment, easy to use, extremely versatile and highly effective. Seamax is OMRI listed, so you know its ingredients of soy protein (for nitrogen), kelp and humic acids have been carefully vetted for provenance and purity. It takes just one simple step to mix and you’re ready to apply. Seamax is fabulous on all types of crops from trees to tuber crops, no matter where they are grown. You can expect: Vigorous and healthy root development Overall improvement in plant vigor and productivity A robust and early harvest Visibly improved fruit quality Improved nutritional value in food crops Seamax is compatible with most fertilizers on the market and can be used with “living’ products that contain microorganisms, beneficial fungi or enzymes. Suggested Uses: For use on all crops as a fertilizer to deliver first-rate nutrition for all-around high quality crops. Shop All JH Biotech Products here .


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