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Sensational Solution’s CaFe Mag


Sensational Solutions CaFe Mag is a micronized mineral source supplement designed to provide rapid results for plants in any sort of horticultural medium. The micronization process used to create this product removes the water and breaks down the minerals into the finest of particles. This results in a concentrated soil amendment whose nutrients and microorganisms […]

Simply Silica


Stronger Cell Walls – Stronger Plants – Stronger Yields Although Silica is a common element throughout nature and is abundant in soil and most plant tissues, your plants can still benefit from an extra helping of this dynamic additive. This is especially true in hydroponics, where plants generally lack natural sources to draw Silica from. […]

Soil Mender® Kelp Meal, 1-0-2


Kelp is packed full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and Soil Mender Kelp Meal delivers these to your plants with an N-P-K of 1-0-2. This gentle formula will not burn your plants but is still powerful enough to deliver all the nutrition. Kelp meal also stimulates microbial activity, so you can reap all the benefits […]

Soil Moist™ Container Mix Plus


Soil Moist Container Mix Plus is a dynamic combination of microorganisms, a 3-3-3 fertilizer, and water-saving polymers that has been created specifically for container plants. This mix contains several species of naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. These microorganisms will colonize the root zone of newly planted stock and create a healthy microbiome for […]

Soil Moist™ Flower & Garden Plus


Soil Moist Flower & Garden Plus has been created to inoculate areas like flower beds, landscaped areas, and gardens that are being prepped for planting. Designed thoughtfully for endo specific plants, it has 7 species of viable endomycorrhizal propagules and 30 strains of beneficial bacteria. This combination of microorganisms lays a foundation for a healthy […]

Superzyme® Biological Growth Factor, 1-0-4


Superzyme Biological Growth Factor Powder, 1-0-4 is an OMRI Listed fertilizer designed to promote root health and optimize absorption of water and nutrients. The result is healthier plants requiring less additional fertilization and water. This powder contains organic plant food extracted from the fermentation of protein and Bacillus spp. , Pseudomonas putida , and Trichoderma […]

Superzyme® Turf, 1-0-4


Superzyme Turf contains organic plant food and extract from the fermentation of amino acids and protein. Designed for soil and foliar application, Superzyme Turf helps nourish your plants while providing protection from various soil dwelling pathogens. Shipping product SKU’s 1810683 or 1810684 requires a freight shipping quote and special equipment for delivery. Please call to […]

Surety® MA, 1.5-0.2-0.5


This plant fertilizer is derived from 100% microalgae that have been carefully cultivated using innovative and sustainable production methods. Surety MA is produced in a facility in Spain that captures the CO 2 emissions from a natural gas power plant and uses that energy to drive the microalgae cultivation. The end result is an environmentally […]

Surety® Soil, 3.0-1.5-1.5


Surety Soil is a dynamic blend of microalgae enhanced with nutrients that has been specially formulated to use when irrigating crops. The microalgae in this product is produced in a facility in Spain that captures the CO 2 emissions from a natural gas power plant and uses that energy to drive the microalgae cultivation. This […]