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RAW B-Vitamin


RAW B-Vitamin is a plant supplement that contains Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate) and Magnesium (Mg). This dry product will dissolve quickly and thoroughly in water for exceptional delivery and effectiveness. You can use RAW B-Vitamin at any time throughout the growing cycle, but it will be most beneficial if you use it during transplanting, when […]

RAW Cane Molasses


RAW Cane Molasses has all the goodness you can find in liquid molasses, but in no-mess water soluble dry product. This super-concentrated micronized form of molasses is easy to use, transport and store and, since a little goes a long way, it’s an excellent choice to stretch your dollars. Molasses is a time-honored way to […]

RAW Nitrogen


RAW Nitrogen is a water soluble plant supplement that contains 20% Ammonium Nitrogen (N). Plants use two types of Nitrogen, Nitrate N and Ammonium N, but this product contains only the Ammonium. Using just the one type of nitrogen means that RAW Nitrogen can be used as a foliar feed and during all stages of […]

RAW Phosphorus


RAW Phosphorus is a dry, water soluble plant supplement that contains a whopping 61% pure Phosphorus (P) and 9% Nitrogen (N). The Phosphorus will be helpful to the plant early in the rooting stage but becomes essential to the plant as they enter the fruit and flowering stage. The little touch of Nitrogen (N) in […]

RAW Potassium


RAW Potassium is a plant supplement that contains 50% Water Soluble Potash derived from Potassium Sulfate. This easy-to-use water soluble product allows for efficient delivery and quick uptake of nutrients to the plant. During the fruiting and flowering stage, plants require significant amounts of potassium in a short period of time and can easily become […]

SaferGro® Biomin® Iron 1-0-0


SaferGro Biomin Iron is an organic micronutrient formula made using a patented encapsulation process of the mineral iron along with amino (and other natural organic) acids. Iron is inclined to getting bound up by other chemicals in the soil, which causes it to become inactive and this encapsulation process keeps that from happening. It encircles […]

SaferGro® SuperGro 1-0-4


This fertilizer, biostimulant and soil activator is produced by a unique fermentation process and contains a selection of enzyme complexes and beneficial microorganisms (which have millions and millions of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria). All these microorganisms, individually and working together, can: Grab the nitrogen in the air (nitrogen fixation) and bring it into the soil […]

Seabird Guano, 0-10-0


This fossilized Seabird Guano, 0-10-0 contains a high amount of calcium (8%) and a remarkable amount of phosphate (10%). The calcium will provide strong and healthy plant cells and tissues for robust growth and the phosphate will encourage root growth, seamless nutrient uptake and high quality foliage, blooms and fruit. If you want big, bright […]

Seamax™ 1-0-0.8


This liquid fertilizer is gentle on the environment, easy to use, extremely versatile and highly effective. Seamax is OMRI listed, so you know its ingredients of soy protein (for nitrogen), kelp and humic acids have been carefully vetted for provenance and purity. It takes just one simple step to mix and you’re ready to apply. […]