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Aeration/Agitation Bucket


The Aeration/Agitation Bucket keeps various solutions in suspension with or without aeration. Perfect for fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, PGRs and nematodes.Weight – 0.7 gpmFree Shipping This item ships free – almost anywhere in the Continental United States!On rare occasions addresses with limited access such as islands or major metropolitan areas (ie: New York City) may incur […]

Agriform Planting Tablets


Agriform Planting Tablets contain micronutrients derived from sulfates, which results in more nutrition being utilized by the plant. The simplicity of these pre-measured tablets ensures uniform and adequate root zone feeding of trees, shrubs and ground covers for up to two years.Specifications Total Nitrogen (N)………………………………… 20% 2.4% Urea Nitrogen 4% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen 13.6% […]

AgroThrive™ Fruiting & Flowering Fertilizer, 3-3-5


AgroThrive Fruiting & Flowering Fertilizer is designed to nurture vegetables, fruit and flower-bearing plants. This premium organic formulation will not only feed your plants the nutrients they crave, it will enhance soil microbial activity by activating indigenous micro-flora in the soil. This healthy soil activity will create a smooth release for and improved availability of […]

AgroThrive™ General Purpose Fertilizer, 3-3-2


Now there’s need to worry about which product will best suit your plants – AgroThrive General Purpose Fertilizer is the fertilizer for everything that grows. This organic product will feed your plants and stimulate the indigenous micro-flora in the soil. By enhancing the activity of the microbes, the nutrients in the fertilizer are more readily […]

Arber® Plant Food, 3-2-1


This nutritional supplement offers gentle yet thorough fertilization for indoor gardening and houseplants. Infused with Rosemary Oil to give it a pleasant aroma and add some antioxidant properties, Arber Plant Food delivers amino acids, essential nutrients, and proteins to your plants. These biological compounds will support soil fertility, improve nutrient uptake, encourage root growth, boost […]

Biomin® Boron, 1-0-0


Biomin Boron is a bio-available boron fertilizer derived from sodium tetraborate and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. OMRI listed, WSDA registered and CDFA certified, Biomin Boron is safe for use in organic settings. Specially processed amino and organic acids protect boron from chemical interaction until it is absorbed by the plant. Biomin Boron is non-phytotoxic when applied […]

Biomin® Cal-Boro Light, 1-0-0


OMRI Listed Biomin Cal-Boro Light can be applied to the soil or as a foliar application. Filled with calcium, boron, and other micronutrients, Biomin Cal-Boro Light is designed to correct micro-nutrient deficiencies and increase crop production in fast-growing or critical growing periods. It allows for rapid, efficient nutrient uptake and is made to be used […]

Biomin® Cal-Boro, 1-0-0


OMRI Listed Biomin Cal-Boro is a cost effective calcium and boron liquid fertilizer. Bio-available and non-phytotoxic to plants, Biomin Cal-Boro can be used along with your regular fertilizer program to improve fruit set and quality, improve seed formation and improve overall plant growth. Cal-Boro helps to prevent and correct mineral deficiencies. WARNING: This product contains […]

Biomin® Calcium, 1-0-0


OMRI Listed Biomin Calcium is chelated with amino and organic acids in a patented process enabling the calcium to be readily and efficiently absorbed. Many factors inhibit calcium uptake: too much sodium in the soil, alkaline soil (high pH), or other metals such as magnesium that react with calcium and make it inactive. However, the […]