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DTE™ Feather Meal, 12-0-0


DTE Feather Meal is a powerful source of slow-release nitrogen(N) made from poultry feathers that have been hydrolyzed, dried, and then ground up. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for all plants, but it’s especially valuable to heavy feeders and long-season crops like corn, tomatoes and fall-harvested vegetables. When given a steady supply of nitrogen as […]

DTE™ Fish Bone Meal, 4-12-0


DTE Fish Bone Meal is a dry fertilizer that’s an excellent source of organic nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca). The nitrogen and phosphorus are essential nutrients that every plant needs for strong root development and healthy growth and calcium is necessary for the formation of cell walls and membranes. All of which makes […]

DTE™ Fish Meal, 8-6-0


DTE Fish Meal offers a multitude of benefits for your plants in addition to providing organic nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and calcium (Ca). Made from ground, dried fish waste that breaks down slowly, this fertilizer delivers a gradual feed over time that any plant can benefit from. Stimulates soil microbial life Promotes robust root development […]

DTE™ Fruit Tree, 6-2-4


Whether you are growing one fruit tree or a bunch of them, DTE Fruit Tree provides primary nutrients for vigorous growth and added calcium for robust fruit development. You will not only see healthy trees, but you will also enjoy bountiful crops of nutritious fruit packed with flavor. For use on a wide variety of […]

DTE™ Garden Gypsum


DTE Garden Gypsum is a multi-tasking powerhouse of a soil amendment. It will improve the physical condition of soil and enhance drainage in compacted and heavy clay soil. It will also help remediate and revise alkaline, saline and sodic soils. It does all this in addition to providing supplemental calcium (Ca) and sulfur (S). This […]

DTE™ Garden Lime


Derived from limestone, organic DTE Garden Lime is a quick and efficient way to raise soil pH (sweeten the soil) for optimal plant performance. This product is made from natural limestone that is ground into an ultrafine powder and then formed into uniform tiny granules. This process, known as prilling, creates granules that make the […]

DTE™ Granular Humic Acids


Mindfully extracted from ancient deposits, DTE Granular Humic Acids are unaltered, oxidized lignite. After extraction, this decomposed plant material is crushed, screened and graded to a particle size of 1-3 mm, creating a highly concentrated source of humic substances. Add these humic acids to fields, gardens, potted plants and turf to improve water-holding in the […]

DTE™ Insect Frass, 3-1-1


DTE Insect Frass comes from sustainable insect farming and contains the waste and exoskeletons of Black Solider Fly larvae. Raised solely on pre-consumer food waste sourced from grocery stores, food processors and food distributors, these larvae produce an excrement (frass) that’s full of nutrients and chitin. As they feed, they thoroughly and efficiently break down […]

DTE™ Kelp Meal 1-0.1-2


DTE Kelp Meal is an organic dry fertilizer made from kelp that comes from the North Atlantic Ocean. This Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed is hand-harvested, thoroughly dried, and then milled into a fine meal. Kelp meal has been used as a fertilizer for thousands of years, and this modern take on it provides all the beneficial […]