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DTE™ Langbeinite, 0-0-22


This OMRI listed , naturally mined crystalline mineral provides your soil with the water-soluble sulfate form of potassium, magnesium and sulfurs. These three plant nutrients are key to growing high quality plants and when offered in the form of Langbeinite your plants will benefit from its unique qualities: A maximum chlorine content of 3.0% that […]

DTE™ Rose & Flower Mix 4-8-4


With an N-P-K of 4-8-4, DTE Rose & Flower Mix will supply your favorite flowering bulbs, annuals and perennials with the nutrients they need for vigorous growth and sensational flowers.The nitrogen in this organic dry fertilizer supports leaf and stem growth and the potassium helps improve overall plant health. When it’s time to flower, the […]

DTE™ Seabird Guano 0-11-0


DTE Seabird Guano, 0-11-0 is an organic, high-phosphorus dry fertilizer designed to support all your indoor and outdoor plants through their flowering stage. Phosphorus is essential to fruit and bloom development and this organic fertilizer provides just the med-season boost that plants crave. DTE Seabird Guano will also enhance the beneficial bacterial life in your […]

DTE™ Shrimp Meal, 6-6-0


DTE Shrimp Meal is a high quality all-purpose fertilizer that is full of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium. Made from what would otherwise be discarded, this shrimp meal is a by-product of the Pacific shrimp processing industry. The finely ground texture of DTE Shrimp Meal allows it to spread easily and break down rapidly in the […]

DTE™ Solution Grade Calcium 96


DTE Solution Grade Calcium 96 is a powerful ultra-fine organic powder made from natural limestone. This highly reactive calcium powder has been designed for effective delivery and immediate uptake to quickly provide this valuable nutrient to your plants and microflora. Calcium is used for pH adjustments as well as nutrition and the high neutralizing value […]

DTE™ Solution Grade Gypsum


DTE Solution Grade Gypsum is derived directly from mined gypsum and contains two essential plant nutrients (calcium and sulfur) as well as 97% Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (CaSO 4 2H 2 O). This high performance solution grade powder has been designed for efficient uptake and immediate delivery of these nutrients but also offers many benefits for […]

DTE™ Solution Grade Potassium Sulfate, 0-0-50


DTE Solution Grade Potassium Sulfate is an organic powder that contains two crucial plant nutrients – potassium (K) and sulfur (S). Plants can’t survive, much less thrive, without the support that these two nutrients provide. In fact, almost every major physiological function a plant performs requires one or both of them. DTE Solution Grade Potassium […]

DTE™ Starter Mix


If you want healthy plants from the start, this is the soil mix for you. Organic Down To Earth Starter Mix is a powerful combination of primary and secondary plant nutrients and endomycorrhizal fungi. The fungi encourage expansive root development and robust early growth in new plantings. The nutrients will encourage lush, leafy development and […]

DTE™ Tree & Shrub, 4-2-4


DTE Tree & Shrub has been specially formulated to nurture transplanted bare root trees, ball and burlap shrubs, and outdoor container plants. With a nice middle-of the-road NPK of 4-2-4, this fertilizer has the nutrition that plants need but it also contains eleven strains of mycorrhizal fungi that promote root development and build tolerance for […]